Our Philosophy

We created a place where explorers from all corners of the world can come together, share their stories, compare their adventures, and continue to explore the world in new and invigorating ways.

Meet the TripRiff Team

Jeremy Sapriel


Fave Activity: Skiing powder days

Fave Quote: “Oh the places that you’ll go”

Michael Sobota


Fave Activity: Eating with locals

Fave Quote: "Journeys answer questions you didn't think to ask"

Jake Koten

Front End Developer

Fave Activity: Public Transportation

Fave Quote: "Oh the places that you’ll go! While I stay here...inside"

Ploy Buraparate

UX Design

Fave Activity: Hiking with my cats

Fave Quote: “A good traveler has no plans or intents”

Fang Huang

Data Scientist

Fave Activity: Skydiving

Fave Quote: “The sky is no longer the limit”

Diana Chen

Backend Dev

Fave Activity: Hiking

Fave Quote: “Not all those who wander are lost”

Kat Akin

Visual Design

Fave Activity: Swimming

Fave Quote: “The world is a book for those who travel to read”

Louie The Pug

Happiness Ops

Fave Activity: Sleeping

Fave Quote: “Hounds travel with those who feed”

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